Our family company, which has been produced in its own production facilities since 2012 in the fields of hotel, home and restaurant textiles, has been established in Antalya, which has undertaken to provide the highest level of service standards and sustainability. As a competent and reliable business partner, we offer you attentive service, a rich product range and comprehensive quality management.

Special For You

Our young and dynamic team makes a difference by creating “Special for You” works, and we share our twenty years of experience with you. We create special collections by supplying the right quality in line with the request of our customers and turn them into products in our own workshops. Our product management and model room unit pay attention and importance to quality in material acquisition and workmanship at the same rate. Only premium quality fabrics from elite manufacturers are used for apparel.

Our Difference

We offer together with the product, we take our steps in line with the demands we receive, develop supportive and solution-oriented communication with fast feedback, advance in time by working planned, and bring practical solutions to possible problems in the delivery process.

Our Values

Trust, sense of responsibility, proactive approach, quality awareness, development belief, commitment to business ethics, understanding customer expectations.

Our Commitment

to our employees, business partners and customers is the stance of our family business. DORA Tekstil values ​​long-term partnerships, responsible business relationships with suppliers and customers in all areas. This is the principle that determines our commercial activity from raw materials to the consumer.

Our Aim

To be a global company that offers the right solutions at home and abroad, keeps the satisfaction at the highest level, and will be preferred by our domestic and foreign business partners.